Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your data from?

The data is collected from many sources, like published zonefiles or provided by registrars and registries.

How accurate is your data?

The CZDS data is updated every day at 08:00 UTC. We update our data at least every 24 hours.
As we use zonefiles as our primary source, we mostly list domains that have at least one nameserver (does not need to be valid) or a DNSKEY set.

Can I use your data?

Within our Linking and Content Usage Policy, yes.
Automated requests (like data-gathering spiders) are not allowed and may end up in throttling/blocking your connection. We will extend our API soon.

How can I upgrade the registrar / registry / TLD information?
How can I add a registrar group / alias to my listing?

You can sign up for an account, which allows you to update your information and add registrar groups.

Can I help increasing data accuracy?

Yes! When your account has been approved, you can submit domain registration data manually (submission form) or automatically (API).
If you like to get in contact to provide data in other ways, please contact us at mail@ntldstats.com.

How can I support you?

Submitting domain registration data always helps the cause.

Is there an API?

Yes. We will extend the features of our API in the soon future. Specific feature requests are always welcome here.

Do you plan to provide statistics for "old" gTLDs?

Not for now.

Can you provide me with raw whois data?


Why don't you publish statistics about TLD … / I already registered domains for TLD …, but it doesn't show up!

Not every registry publishes their zonefile data in advance to their GA. So mostly we only get data for TLDs that already launched GA.
If you are a registry and want your data to be published on our page, please sign up for an account and send us your data (by submission form or API).
If you like to get in contact to provide data in other ways, please contact us at mail@ntldstats.com.

I have a feature request!

Awesome! Please send your feature request here.

Are new domains added automatically?

Yes and no. When new domains are being added (either by API or submit form), the system adds them automatically, but every submission needs manual approval.

Will premium / reserved domains be listed as well?

Yes, but only as long as the domain resolves.

How can I set / update the TLD Launch Calendar for my TLD?

Your individual Launch Calendar can be updated by either providing an URL to an .csv - file (detailed format specification) or
by manually entering them into your account details (TLD Launch).
Please note that the .csv file needs to be remotly accessible by our crawler, which checks for its contents two times a day.